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Zulya and the Children of the Underground


The Waltz of Emptiness (2004- UAR, Australia/Westpark Music, Germany), 2005 National Film and Sound Archive Award for best World Music Album


Three Nights (2007-UAR, Australia/Westpark Music, Germany) 2007 ARIA Award for best World Music Album


Tales of Subliming (2010-Unstable Ape, Australia) Frock. (Jazz/Contemporary)


On Love and Science (2015, Independent release), with assistance from Australia Council for the Arts



Folia (2014-Independent release, Australia)

Rachel Scott-Anthony Schulz

          Little Birds (2014-Independent release, Australia)


Alma Mater Fado


Meu Fado Meu (2018-Independent release, Australia)


Nathan Slater


Nathan Slater (2018-Independent release, Australia)




Caught Gesture (Independent release, Australia)

Tales of Olive Groves (2000-Newmarket, Australia)

Splash (2002-Newmarket, Australia)

Degustation (2004 Vorticity, Australia)

Decadence: Frock, Live at the Lane (2007-Independent release, Australia)

The Father, Son and Holy Ghost (2009-ABC, Australia)

Apogee (2012-Independent release, Australia)

One Room One Day (2014-Independent release, Australia)


Two-Part Sleep  (2016- Independent release, Australia)

With assistance from the Australia Council for the Arts:

Composer: Elena Kats-Chernin

Producer: Tamil Rogeon



Anomie (2002-Independent release)


Eurotrash Taksim (2004-Independent release)


Spoke quietly, amongst themselves (2006-Independent release)


Maps for losing oneself (2008-Independent release)


Ananke (2011-Independent release)

Doug DeVries

A Knot in the Wood (2002-editions_ddv, Australia)


Jenny M Thomas

Farewell to Old England Forever (2006-Black Market Music, Australia) 2007 Golden

Fiddle Award, Tamworth Country Music Festival

Not This Not That

All This For That (2008-Downstream, Australia)

Anita Hustas Trio

Live at BMW Edge (2005-Independent release) DVD



Track Contributions



Nichaud Fitzgibbon

After hours (2001-Bilarm Music, Australia)


Jacqueline Gawler 

Ambrosia (2010-Independent release, Australia)



Hands (2008-Avatar, Australia)



Going Home (2009-Which Way Music, Australia)

Sime Nugent

Broke and Banned: Songs of Sime Nugent (2007-Independent release, Australia)

Film Soundtrack


The Widower

(2005) Sound track conducted by Paul Grabowsky and composed by

Elena Kats-Chernin.

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